Friday, February 5, 2010

Taking a post Christmas break tomorrow

Will be in Poland, travelling to Warsaw to visit Fr Piotr Kaczmarek who has supplied at St Simon's for the last two summers. I'll be returning from Krakow on Friday.


  1. Hope you have a refreshing and restful break, Fr.

  2. Take good boots, and shoe polish - all the streets here are slushy and salty :/

  3. Looking forward to hearing about it Fr John..

  4. Father as you are in Southwark, surely you would be entitled, (in these days of equality!)to the same break, which is of immemorial custom, and is accorded to Irish Priests after Christmas and Easter and is called "The Irish Long weekend". It means you could have ONE Sunday, and as much as you can get either side of it without taking in another Sunday! So you would be entittled to a break from a Monday to the following Saturday week. I hope you are not breaking with tradition! and introducing some new-fangled "Post Christmas break" which is to be taken in February and comprises only five days!! You modernists can cause so much trouble for us traditional priests!

  5. Have a most pleasant and safe journey, Fr. John. Thank you for all the lovely Masses, to date, and we look forward to hearing all about your Polish trip.


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