Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"How the media distorted the Washington March for Life" or "Why can't Brits get as excited about pro-life as these Americans?"

Lifesitenews carries an item about how the media deliberately sought to undermine puplic opinion in the face of an extremely strong turn out at the Washington DC annual March for Life which was attended by huge numbers of young people.

Watch this video:


  1. Good vid. As for Newsweek, haven't read regularly since the mid70s -- even then it was a left-wing rag, best read to see what "They" were up to.

    One of the best things about the "new media" blogs, talk radio, youtube, etc. is that it's harder for these people to get away with their lies.

    On a side note in Jan of '95 I was in DC on business and happened to be there on rally day. I wasn't able to attend, having to work a long day that day -- but I was gratified that after work I was able to make it up to Union Station, close to the Capitol and still saw hundred and hundreds of young folks about, carrying prolife signs, and just filled with grace and the message.


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