Monday, February 8, 2010

Crisis talks at the Pontifical Academy for Life

Archbishops Fisichella and Cardoso
Many pro-lifers were shocked and scandalised a year or so ago when Archbishop Fisichella published an article condemning the declarations of excommunications made by Archbishop Cardoso of Olinda and Recife, thereby appearing to condone those who conspired to abort the twins being carried by a nine year old girl from Recife in Brazil. The pro-abortion lobby certainly saw the significance of Fisichella's statement: Catholics could, after all, co-operate in abortion in these 'hard' cases.

This year's annual congress of the Pontifical Academy for Life of which Archbishop Fisichella is president is to be held behind closed doors rather than in public.

For the Academy to survive surely there is only one solution, and that is for Fisichella to stand down or, as sometimes happens in the Vatican, to be 'promoted' out of the Pontifical Academy for Life to some other post where he can do no harm.

See Lifesitenews for more.

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