Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our bishops having a good laugh with Pope Benedict

Photo: L'Osservatore Romano
Bishops Paul Hendricks, John Hine (diocesan Administrator) and Patrick Lynch pictured with His Holiness (See Southwark Diocesan website).


  1. Did I tell you the one about the traditionalist and the liturgist?

  2. What a lovely, natural photo. Thanks for posting it.

    I've seen one or two photos taken during the ad Limina visit which are ideal for caption competitions. I wonder what the joke is here? :-)

  3. Bishops: Ha, ha. We really thought you were going to give us a hard time, Holy Father! Phew!

    Pope(quietly to himself): You can laugh and smile all you want now, but one of you is going to Outer Mongolia, one to Patagonia and the last one to Timbuktu!


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