Monday, February 15, 2010

Sacrilege in Costa Rica

A very sad report which I post (acknowledgements to Kate) to encourage reparation...


  1. I am as appalled at this attack on the Body of Christ and His Church as I am about the fact that since I have opened this page 307.5 unborn children have been/are being (ex)terminated.
    Wherever are we heading?

  2. I think she must have pulled this stunt before. Because the cameraman/woman was "with her" the whole way. It's like "they" were expecting her to do this.

    And if that's the case, why wasn't anyone prepared to be all over her like white on rice?

    I wish MORE people would watch out for people who do these kind of things and report them immediately to an usher, etc.

    It happens because too many people don't have the guts to stop them.

  3. I too was 'appalled' when I saw this video.

    It looks as if the priest might have had concerns about whether or not the young women was fit to receive Holy Communion, judging by the exchange of words and the body language. What a shame that he did not just give her a blessing rather than Holy Communion and this could have been avoided. I do appreciate, however, that it must be very difficult for a priest to refuse to give someone Holy Communion when they present themselves to receive the Sacrament in this way.

    I wonder whether anyone spoke to the young woman afterwards and tried to explain to her why her actions were so unacceptable? Also, I can't help wondering what happened to the fragment of host placed in the man's shirt pocket.

    All in all, I found this clip quite disturbing and it was on my mind and in my prayers during Mass this morning.

  4. What the man SHOULD have done (if he was a real man) would have been to take the Host back up to the priest.)


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