Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ann Winterton Early Day Motion censuring the BBC

I have received the following from a correspondent:

Ann Winterton MP has tabled an early day motion in the House of Commons complaining at the supposedly impartial BBC's blatant bias in attempting to have assisted suicide made legal.

The Motion is called Early Day Motion 787. It is very desirable that pro-lifers should call on their own M.P. to sign it.

The motion says:

That this House notes that over the years there have been numerous complaints by hon. Members regarding the persistent bias of the BBC on matters relating to euthanasia and other life issues and on the manner in which the BBC have misused public funds to promote changes in the law; further notes the bias of the Corporation applies not only to news programmes but to drama, with thinly-disguised plays and soap operas being used to promote the use of euthanasia and misrepresentation of pro-life activists in the UK as people of violence; further notes that these presentations have culminated in the last weeks with a multi-million pound campaign featuring Mrs Kay Gilderdale in Panorama and the fantasy fiction writer, Sir Terry Pratchett, given centre stage to present this year's BBC Richard Dimbleby lecture calling for euthanasia and supported by the BBC website; further notes that as usual the BBC have ignored the rights of the disabled, despite the fact that every disability rights group in the UK is opposed to the legalisation of assisted suicide and euthanasia on the grounds that from experience they know it would undermine the right to life of the disabled; and calls on the Government to make it clear to the BBC that public funds will be withdrawn unless they abide by the Charter and ensure that all programmes on issues of public interest are treated impartially, and that in particular broadcasters must bear in mind the human rights of the disabled.


  1. As a disabled home educating mother I am heartily sick to death of this govt and the BBC and their constant ill thought out kill-the-crips propaganda. Already I read how disabled parents shouldn't be allowed to HE- why not?
    Now we are to be put down.
    While I hear EDMs don't carry much weight I am glad this one was written.

  2. At last. This discredited Government and discredited BBC are beginning to be shown up for what they are. Well done, Ann Winterton, MP. Let's hope this Early Day Motion gets as much publicity as the BBC's recent excesses did. Let us pray for its success.

  3. My MP has just been requested by me to support this most worthy Early Day Motion.


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