Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baptism of Carris Joy Bernadette Clarke

Congratulations to Roy and Cheryl Clarke on the baptism of their first baby girl which took place after the 10am Mass this morning. Our numbers at Mass were swelled by family and friends of Roy and Cheryl, and many more of their non-Catholic friends arrived after the Mass for the Baptism. I had prepared Roy and Cheryl for their marriage which took place in Cheryl's home parish in Huddersfield, there was a good representation of family (including Cheryl's mother and father and sister) from 'up North' so it was a delight to baptise their first child.

The Baptism was celebrated according to the more ancient usage of the Roman Rite (aka extraordinary form) with all but the exorcisms and form of Baptism in English. As seems to be a repeating pattern now, people were very impressed by the ritual and said how 'special' the Baptism was. Carris was quiet all the way through, apart from a little cry when the salt was placed in her mouth.

Pictured above are Roy and Cheryl (either side of me) with Godmother and Christian witnesses after the ceremony.

Oh, as for the Latin of Carris' name, I went for Caritas Laetitia Bernarda and, after the ceremony, said a few words about St Bernadette of Soubirous before we said the Hail Holy Queen together.

Afterwards there was a reception at a local boxing club where a family friend (James Carter on Cheryl's left in the above photo) trains youngsters. There should be a photo of me in boxing gloves soon...

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