Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm afraid I have given up on the CES

Please simply read John Smeaton's blog about St Thomas More School in Bedford. I almost feel like setting up an automatic redirect on John Smeaton's email alerts so they get published as postings on my blog. What would St Thomas More be saying? Oh, and I have discovered that my previous blog post has been reprinted in the February edition of Christian Order. (They have yet to update their website.) Now whatever chances I had of being a bishop have really gone up in flames!


  1. We must hope that the fire of the Holy Spirit burns strong and men like you WILL be Bishops!

  2. I expect this same school has lesson like:

    "It's bad to shoot up, but here's how to clean the needle with bleach."

    St. Thomas More IS spinning in his grave. He'd be ashamed the school bore his name.

  3. Recent statements of the CES seems to imply that as long as the state endorsed sex education offered is in line with (what at least they think) is Catholic Church teaching it's fine for it to be compulsory. I think that goes against the parent's absolute right to be the educator of their child on these matters and NOT the school should the parent so wish - this being part of Catholic Church teaching. I'm not sure what planet The CES and its representatives is on but it can't take in Catholic Schools in England as there are few that teach aspects of human sexuality in line with Vatican guidelines. I think we also need to question how the CES thinks any credibility can be given to their arguments when they also endorse the pro abortion Connexions service which seeks to give out contraceptive advice to minors without their parents' knowledge. But, perhaps it is not The CES who should be the focus here but the Bishop's who employ it's workers, use funds from us in the pews to pay them when The CES fails to uphold Church teaching. Sadly, I can only conclude that The CES represents dissenting Bishop's views. Unless the Bishops take decisive and public action on this it is difficult to draw any other conclusion. This is particularly disappointing given the words of Pope Benedict at the recent ad limina visit of the E & W Bishops.


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