Sunday, September 26, 2010

North American Martyrs Shrine, Aurisville, NY

Not far from Fonda and the Kateri Shrine is Aurisville and the shrine to the North American Martyrs. Blessed Kateri was born at this place in Aurisville. The martyrs honoured here are:

St Jean de Brebeuf SJ, known as the Apostle of the Hurons, martyred on March 16, 1649 at St Ignace here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

St Isaac Jogues SJ, martyred at Aurisville by Iroquois indians on Oct. 18 1646.

St Gabriel Lalemant SJ, a companion of Jean de Brebeuf, martyred on March 17, 1649 at St Ignace.

St Antoine Daniel SJ, martyred by the Iroquois at Mount St Louis in Canada on July 4, 1648.

St Charles Garnier SJ, martyred by the Iroquois at Etharita in Canada on Dec. 7, 1649.

St Noel Chabanel SJ, martyred by an apostate Huron in Canada on Dec. 8 1649.

St Rene Goupil SJ, martyred for making the sign of the cross on a little Mohawk child at Aurisville on Sep. 29, 1642.

St Jean de LaLande SJ, a companion of Isaac Jogues, martyred at Aurisville on Oct. 19, 1646.

A brief bio of each of the Saints of Aurisville can be read here.

The shrine is set on a hill overlooking the beautiful Mohawk river and valley. Some pics in the slide show following. (Just click on the slideshow at any time to see the pictures in greater detail.)

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