Friday, September 17, 2010

Father Marquette Schools' teachers make Profession of Faith

This morning at the start of the school semester teachers and principals of the Father Marquette Schools made their profession of faith and oath of fidelity during a special school Mass. Here you see some pictures from Saint Michael's Church in Marquette, with Pastor Father Larry Van Damme giving them a blessing after their Profession of Faith.

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  1. Un-huh. Thought so.

    No death penalty in Michigan. Which would account for the kids being able to get away with putting their feet up in church.

    Our Pennsylvania Nuns did not share such draconian restrictions. We could feel a nun's eyes on the back of our necks from 50 yards away in the choir loft.

    "Mr. Smith, you were looking around at the collect at Mass, and since you have so much time feel free to 'volunteer' to clean the erasers after school today, just before you dig your own grave."

    Sister was 5'2" tall if she jumped up and down a bit and her words carried more weight than the pope's and president's combined. The simple phrase "sister SAID." was enough to end any discussion.


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