Sunday, September 5, 2010

BBC Profile on Pope Bendict XVI

Typical BBC 'objectivity': plenty of airtime to Hans Kung plus a sister from 'Future Church' who says the Pope is too concerned with a narrow vision of the Church, preserving it as it was or is and not thinking of where it needs to be, ruled as it is by a small number of men in Rome. The Pope has managed to offend Muslims, Jews and the Archbishop of Canterbury says the BBC. Joseph Fessio, a former pupil of Ratzinger's and founder and editor of the utterly reliable publishing house Ignatius Press however says what his professor taught was wonderful. Cardinal Murphy O'Connor, sounding ever more ancient, says the Pope will want to tell the people of Britain about a coherent truth that is good not just for Catholics but for everyone.

Have a listen (lasts 15 minutes).

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  1. This could have been a lot worse. One wonders if the BBC have invested heavily in TV rights for the events and don't want a completely negative preamble. A curious point is that I can find no videos on the web of the 1982 visit even though coverage was extensive.


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