Thursday, March 3, 2011

40 Days for Life

The next observance of 40 days for life commences on Ash Wednesday March 9th and continues through to April 17th, Palm Sunday. There is an official 40 Days for Life website giving ideas and tips for how to observe the 40 Days. Crucial is prayer and fasting, and also some public manifestation, e.g. outside a Planned Parenthood facility or other place where abortions are either carried out or facilitated, or outside a City Hall, Courthouse, etc.

I am told that there are no abortions in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. However there is a Planned Parenthood facility here in Marquette. And even there were no such place or no abortions taking place in a particular area, it is still important to pray and to make some public witness so that minds and hearts, above all of legislatures, may be moved to promote pro-life laws.

The three elements of 40 Days for life are:
  • prayer and fasting

  • constant vigil

  • community outreach.

Daily prayers can be found here.

Visit the 40 Days for Life website for lots more information.

I am looking into whether we can do something public here in Marquette, but the important thing is prayer and fasting, and all of us can do some of that.

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  1. We were all ready to do 40 Days for Life for the 3rd consecutive Lent only to hear yesterday - exactly one week before the start of Lent, that Planned Parenthood is closing it's doors by the end of this week. Financial reasons have been cited. This abortion mill has been operating for 20 long years and now our prayers have been answered. I know one woman who has been praying the rosary every Saturday morning for the past 20 years. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that travels across America, was brought to this particular ab. mill within the past 2 years and we prayed beside the lovely picture.
    Prayers are always answered. Our 40 days local organizer is moving us to Redwood City though - we are in a battle to prevent Planned Parenthood from opening it's doors there. They have a request in to open a 6,000 sq foot facility. The decision will be made, either way by the end of this week. Please pray they don't get permission. Thank you!


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