Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guardian Newspaper covers Msgr Reilly's visit to England

Using the usual negative terms of "protestors", "intercepted", "anti-abortion", "racheting up of activities", "the polarised world of America's 'culture wars'", abortion clinics being "targeted", The Guardian has covered Msgr Reilly's recent visit to the UK, including the prayerful vigil kept outside the Maidstone Marie Stopes abortion mill.

On a positive note, The Guardian refers to a greater emerging spirit of collaboration among pro-life groups, particularly thanks to the involvement of a younger generation. Get that? A YOUNGER GENERATION. Young people, pro-life!

As The Guardian itself reports, these developments coincide with a renewed sense of public debate about abortion.

LIFE, a pro-lfe (so of course it will be anti-abortion-in-all-circumstances) organisation, has been

"invited to join a new sexual health forum set up to replace the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV."
And BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service)
"has been omitted from the forum despite its long-term position on the previous advisory group and 40-year track record in providing pregnancy counselling [i.e. abortions] nationwide."

"We are disappointed and troubled to learn that having initially been invited to the sexual health forum we have been disinvited, particularly now we understand that Life have been offered a seat at the table," said Ann Furedi, chief executive of BPAS. "We find it puzzling that the Department of Health would want a group that is opposed to abortion and provides no sexual health services on its sexual health forum."

The BPAS statement only makes sense if you think that helping pregnant mothers keep their children is not a sexual health service but providing abortion is.

All in all it seems things are picking up a little in my homeland. Please continue to pray for England (and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland, which all form part of the UK).

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