Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father Corapi is causing scandal

Briefly... in the hope that I might post more thoughtfully on the subject:
  • priests function only by faculty of their respective Ordinaries;
  • we all hope for justice in the Church;
  • sometimes the innocent suffer;
  • this applies to priests;
  • priests are ordained to a special consecration unto Christ the Head
  • Who was the Innocent Victim
  • and if we priests become innocent victims...
  • we must be prepared to embrace the suffering involved
  • and in humble obedience
  • die to ourselves
  • even while pursuing the legitimate recourses to which we have a right in Canon Law
  • no matter how slowly these may proceed
  • or how unjustly we may think we are being treated.
  • So Corapi should do the same.
  • He should die to self rather than refusing to die (as he puts it on his new website) by "resigning" his priesthood and leading people away from their pastors by the scandal that such a public defection is causing in the Church.


  1. Dear Father:

    I've been reading a lot of commentary about Fr. Corapi, and I loved watching him on EWTN.

    I feel very sad about this whole episode, and I think your post is correct.

    The best thing we can do is pray for Fr. Corapi and everyone involved in this controversy.



  2. This latest post is like the curate's egg: " good in parts" or "not entirely bad".
    I agree that he might be a cause of scandal. On the other hand he may hasten a long overdue clean-up of some matters in the Church.

    You appear to "sanctify" injustice with a particular type of spirituality and you appear to be attempting to defend the indefensible. "Even the devil can quote Scripture".
    Justice delayed is justice denied...whether in ecclesiastical or civil society.

  3. "Fr Corapi is causing scandal"

    I agree and he is also causing a large number of people to lose their respect for the bishops of the USA. If people lose their respect they will then ignore what the bishops and later the pope instruct them about the Faith.

    I think it is regretful that many influential bloggers have posted hundreds of emotional words about this matter and inflamed their followers either for or against Fr C when all that was really necessary was to post what the parties had made public and leave opinion aside. To my knowledge there have been 2 public announcements from Fr C and two public announcements from SOLT. The pronouncements from the retired bishop on this matter have been less than helpful in promoting objective, rational thinking about the matter. I don't think that Fr C has been helpful with his careful selection of the facts either.

    I am disappointed that topmost in Fr C's mind hasn't been the affect of his words on the Faithful sheep - and from the comments I have read they are indeed sheep in need of a shepherd who is Faithful to the Magisterium, and this means being Faithful to one's bishop and to one's immediate religious superior in word and in deed.

  4. Well said Father. He seems to have a lot of uncritical followers so the potential for giving scandal is hugely inflated.

    I've never been comfortable with his approach. It depends too much on his personality.

  5. Hello Fr. John,
    I understand Fr. Corapi's frustration in how long it will take to clear himself. We have followed him for a few years now on EWTN and went to a conference in MA, it saddens me to no end that he might leave/has left the priesthood. What I don't like is the negative remarks and accusations about his military career. One thing I didn't understand was that he never said Mass, administered The Eucharist or heard confessions...I wish him the best...only time will tell. Thank you Fr. John for your honesty


  6. I agree with your summary.
    Although I found his style a bit contrived and self consciously macho, I always appreciated his message and put the style thing down to "horses for courses".
    When he dyed his beard however, I felt that something was VERY wrong and therefore was not as surprised as I otherwise may have been when all this came out.
    I was puzzled that more people were not disturbed by this.
    I am so aghast at his recent behaviour that it has made me wonder if he was a charlatan all along. Was he playing us like violins?
    I don't know. But it is all very unsettling to say the least.
    I don't want to be uncharitable, and I do try to remember to say a quick prayer for him whenever I come across this topic.
    But I think we also need to remember to pray very much for those fans who are determined to follow him regardless.

  7. Gee Everyone,

    SHEILA wonders...

    Put your name into every post submitted here and then come back and tell me how it feels to be misunderstood, rejected, ignored, judged, cursed at with vulgar words, prompted insinuations,to name a few.

    Each time I read a post on the hundreds of "Catholic" websites this past week it feels like you and others have taken Fr C, put him under a gigantic microscope and proceded to pick him apart.

    What would Jesus do? Hello? Anyone know Him? Or His character? Because all i have been mostly reading is "how this scandal is going to make people not listen to the bishops or popes who supposedly hear from God on how to proceed".

  8. Someone asks "what would Jesus do" in regard to Father Corapi. The better question is: how is what Father Corapi is doing in conformity with Christ?

  9. Can we just pray for the parties involved? The devil has a sly way of penetrating the house of God. See how much judgement is being exacted here and know that the devil is rubbing his hands in joyful glee? My catholic faith has certainly been enriched by Fr. Corapi's redemption and teachings over the years. I pray for him and the church. May God bring us the truth. The truth endures.

  10. To Anonymous:- posted 27 June, 2011 14:01 said it best...

    Thank you

  11. "Fr Corapi is causing scandal"

    "I agree and he is also causing a large number of people to lose their respect for the bishops of the USA. If people lose their respect they will then ignore what the bishops and later the pope instruct them about the Faith."

    I agree. Fr. Corapi's resignation is very disappointing. The disrespect for episcopal authority is especially distrurbing, as his intention to continue his ministry.

  12. i feel no smypathy for him i think hes rude, condisending and arrogant and iam willing to bet all the what they accused him of he did more often than not the most self righteous folks against others are the biggest sinners of all


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