Sunday, January 30, 2011

More on abortion

I received an email recently from a contact with good news of a "save": a few months ago a volunteer stopped a young couple on their way in to an abortion clinic in Brighton, Sussex, UK. She showed them a picture of what abortion did to an 8 week old baby. They changed their minds - and their lives. Ruby was born recently to a couple of very happy parents.

The email contained a link to (For the benefit of non-UK readers, 1967 was the year abortion became legal in Great Britain.) From there I was also taken to The Grantham Collection.

Both websites have some extremely graphic videos of what abortion actually entails. I have to admit to having been left very shaken by what I saw. The videos give you a countdown warning so that you can navigate away from the website or stop the video if you wish. I have opted not to embed the videos on this blog as young people might be reading it. Make up your own mind as to whether you wish to view them or not. I was shocked by two things: (a) the sheer bloodiness of abortion and the attack on the child; (b) the violation of the mother it entails.

How can an abortionist's conscience be so numbed as to be able to do this?

There are those who say images of the horror of abortion are not the way to change minds. I agree completely that there are places where these images are not helpful. But from the point of view of campaigning for justice in the political arena, they are necessary. And such an image helped save Ruby.

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