Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seminarians Retreat at Marygrove Retreat Centre

Yesterday afternoon I travelled with Father Mike Steber, Pastor here at St Peter's Cathedral, to Graden on the shores of Lake Michigan where the diocesan retreat centre, Marygrove, is located.

The seminarians and priests after the panel discussion.

Seminarians and prospective seminarians were spending a few days of prayer, reflection and recreation to consider the priestly vocation. Yesterday evening priests of the diocese were invited to dinner and to take part in a panel discussion, answering questions or responding to points raised by the young men.

Same, but with me included.

On the panel were priests ranging from just over a year since ordination to one celebrating over forty years of ordination. The wisdom, joy and dedication of these priests to their vocations was truly impressive. All spoke of the importance of relying on the Lord, trusting in Him, dedication to prayer, availability to the people, obedience to the bishop when it comes to accepting assignments, the joy and fulfilment that love in celibacy brings. It was pointed out that in surveys Catholic priests are predominantly happy and busy. This was borne out very much by those who were present.

Thank God there is a great love for the priesthood in the Marquette diocese with enthusiastic vocations promotion programmes. Many young men are seriously considering whether or not they are being called.

Here are some photos from the retreat centre:

Blessed Sacrament Chapel


Bookshop. Keen eyes might recognise Carinal Ratzinger's 'The Spirit of the Liturgy'(circled). Many other good books are on sale too.


Memorial monument for all the bishops, priests and permanent deacons of the diocese who have died.

Couple of deer spotted in the garden.

A Labyrinth, modelled on the one in Chartres Cathedral, under the watchful protection of the Sacred Heart.

Lourdes grotto.

Outdoor Stations of the Cross

Ninth Station.

One of the priests is a keen kayaker!

Further information about Marygrove here.

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  1. Neat photos! Have you seen any Moose yet? I was pretty impressed by the number of men checking out possibility of discerning the priesthood as a vocation. How many fellows are currently in training from that diocese?


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