Saturday, August 28, 2010

British Stamps to mark Papal Visit

Two £1.50 special stamps have been approved to commemorate the papal visit. This is a good and positive sign of recognition, although £1.50 are not the value of stamps that people use for ordinary mail. So they won't get much circulation. Still, it's something.

More at the Papal Visit website.


  1. Excellent news, indeed, Fr John. At least there seems to be a growing awareness and excitment concerning the Holy Father's impending State Visit. Unfortunately, the stamps you mentioned (which I have now ordered, of course) are being issued by the Isle of Man Government, NOT the UK Government. The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency but is NOT part of the United Kingdom. It retains the ability to issue its own stamps and coins and has its own Parliament. These stamps, almost certainly, will NOT be valid for mail posted OUTSIDE of the Isle of Man. It would be a magnificent achievement for the British Government to join the Isle of Man Government, in celebrating this momentous visit by His Holiness to the United Kingdom, by issuing British stamps for use in the United Kingdom. Don't hold your breath, though. It ain't gonna happen !!!

  2. The Stamps are actually being produced by the Isle of Man, which has its own stamps...

  3. And there was I trying to be optimistic and say something positive in response to a tweet from Fr Langridge.

  4. Oh am so disappointed- not surprised but disappointed. So wanted to use the stamps on all my christmas cards this year to support Papa Benedict's visit.
    Well am going to buy some anyway (just do without something else) and am sure will find somebody in the Isle of Man who will post them for me? That should work?!

  5. "And there was I trying to be optimistic and say something positive in response to a tweet from Fr Langridge."
    Dear Fr. John. You have, indeed, said something positive and optimistic. You have flagged up the impending visit of His Holiness and promoted an interesting debate. More people now know about the Pope's State Visit than they previously did. Should I get to the Isle of Man in the near future, rest assured a set of stamps commemorating the Pope's visit will be winging their way to your residence. The Holy Ghost moves in mysterious ways and we all thank you for your continued deep devotion and Priestly ministry. In addition to a magnificent Blog and promoting philatelic sales from the Isle of Man !!! in Domino.


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