Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pope Benedict to visit Britain next year

So says Damian Thompson.

Some reports say January, others September. Surely it must be September.

And reports are also carried at the following places:

The Sun

We must begin our spiritual preparation now.

UPDATE: Comment by Archbishop Nichols on the Catholic Media Office website (H/T to Catholic with Attitude who comments at Mulier Fortis):
Archbishop Vincent Nichols, President of the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales, said:

‘We are encouraged and pleased at the news which has emerged about the possible official visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK next year.

‘We are glad the Holy Father is giving such consideration to the invitations he has received from Her Majesty’s Government, which accord closely to the wishes and requests also expressed by the Bishops of England & Wales.

‘The prospect of a visit by Pope Benedict fills us with joy.’
The latest BBC report I have just heard on the radio says the Pope's visit will be a State Visit.


  1. Wow! Fantastic! What a great blessing it will be for the faithful of E+W and for all who have respect for the Holy Father. I was a mere slip of a girl when the late Holy Father, JPII visited, and his visit brought such joy, especially among young people.
    I'll be making the Holy Father's visit, a special prayer intention.

  2. I suspect it will have to be after the Election - so September is more appropriate.

    Will it be just England and Wales? The last time the visit included Scotland and I believe Northern Ireland and Dublin.

  3. I stand corrected. The Telegraph report says the Pope did not visit Northern Ireland last time.

  4. And you managed to find a picture with the Bishop of Burlington! (Far right above Pope!)

  5. Does Pope Benedict's visit to the United Kingdom point to the elevation of Archbishop Vincent Nichols to the Sacred College of Cardinals prior to the Pope's arrival? Surely the Holy father will be greeted by a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church holding Title to the See of Westminster

    There are presently seven vacancies among the Cardinal Electors and a further four by March 20,2010. A Consistory could be scheduled for February or March. If so, will a red hat come to Westminster?

  6. Interesting question. I would have thought that as long as Cardinal Murphy O'Connor remains an elector, it would be unlikely that Archbishop Nichols be accorded a red hat. But the Pope's visit to Britain could change that.


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