Wednesday, September 16, 2009

L'Ossequiosso Romano

Thanks to Father Finigan and John Smeaton for highlighting the problems with L'Osservatore Romano at the present time. I emailed them when it came time for me to renew my subscribtion a couple of weeks ago. I voiced my profound disquiet with the equivocal nature of their reporting at the present time but said I would still renew the subscription. If this interview with Blair appears in the English edition I'll be emailing them. In fact I'm going to email them with a link to Fr Finigan's and John Smeaton's blogs voicing my agreement. You can do the same by emailing

UPDATE: See also Lifesite News:

With its publication today of a glowing centre-spread interview with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, pro-life leaders are asking whether L'Osservatore Romano, the quasi-official newspaper of the Vatican, is engaging in a deliberate campaign to "appease" some of the world's most extreme anti-life and anti-family politicians.

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