Tuesday, September 1, 2009

American bishops differ over Notre Dame and Obama

Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, NM, told the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) last month that he disagreed with what he called the "hysterical" reaction of U.S. bishops condemning the Notre Dame scandal, as well as bishops who refuse communion to pro-abortion politicians, which he says makes the Catholic Church too "isolated from society."
So reports Lifesite News.

The Bishop of Marquette, the Most Reverend Alexander Sample (pictured below), is amongst those bishops who wrote against the decision to honour President Obama, a decision which he called "unconscionable" and "completely out of step with the Catholic Church’s teaching.".

My brother, Father Stephen Boyle, and I had the privilege of being Bishop Sample's guests last week. Last Sunday, the day after Ted Kennedy's funeral, Bishop Sample presided at the 10am Mass in his Cathedral. In his homily, he recalled how a bishop friend had remarked that he was concerned that Catholics in America were:

first: consumers
second: Americans
third: democrat or republic
fourth: Catholic.

He said that, at the end of our lives, we will not be judged on our political allegiances or our nationality, but on whether we have been faithful catholics; that the time to vote simply on party lines has gone. We must assess each candidate on his own merits, and weigh very specially his/her policies as they affect human life, marriage, the family and, if they are in opposition to the Church's teaching on these fundamental matters, we must not vote for them. It is time for Americans to be Catholic first. In this way they will be truly good Americans.

Pictured above is Bishop Sample with the rector of the Cathedral Fr Michael Steber, my brother and me.


  1. That bishop looks awfully young.

  2. Yes, he was the youngest bishop in the US when he was ordained in 2006, but no longer.

  3. gemoftheocean left a comment to the effect that she was not entirely happy with the USCCB in the run up to the election...

  4. Not entirely? Not even a 1/10 of the way satisfied. [I had too hard of a time toning that down, sorry. :-D The USCCB are not exactly the first people I think of when I make out my Christmas card list. I think the pack of them as a whole are too liberal on important matters. It was NOT a majority of them, by any means who condemed the Resident-in-Chief to be given a forum to speak at Notre Dame. Absolutely contrary to canon law. They cane off as not caring, which was a scandal to the faith.

    And their statement prior to the 08 election positively gave cover to people who pretend that "concern for the poor" somehow mitigates a candidate who is pro abortion.

    If more bishops held to the faith and defended the faith like your friend, we'd be a lot better off in this country. At least the real faithful wouldn't be thrown into despair from the "do nothingism" of the body of the USCCB.

    After all what is the upshot of the scandalous Notre Dame affair? NOTHING. Cry me a river, the priest who invited Obama had NOTHING done to him. Not faculties pulled, not thrown out of the diocese. NOTHING. A "strongly worded letter" means NOTHING if not backed up by consequences. The lion is all gums and no teeth.


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