Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Possible Blogging Interlude

No sooner have I started a new blog than my postings will become rather intermittent.

Today I am off to help with an Altar Servers Summertime (2006 group pictured above) at Woldingham School in Surrey until Friday, and then I am off on holiday. Amongst those I am looking forward to visit is the one who describes me as 'notorious' or 'infamous' depending on the state of what I hope is only a wicked sense of humour. In spite of such comments I shall bring him a supply of Marmite which he seems desperate for.

I hope to blog occasionally while I am away if anything interesting happens or occurs to me.

Father Piotr (Peter) Kaczmarek (pictured right below) is in the parish and supplying for me while I am away.


  1. Hope you have a good holiday!

  2. Desperate for Marmite!! Now if you had said Vegemite I could believe it. lol


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