Friday, April 23, 2010

Is the Catholic Education Service Catholic?

As I said before, I have given up on the CES. Which is why I felt it somewhat superfluous or pointless to comment on the latest appalling appointment of an 'anti-life and anti-family ex-MP, Greg Pope, as deputy director'.

Father Tim Finigan expresses dismay as does EF Pastor Emeritus; Father Ray Blake also comments; and Damian Thompson also comments here and here. See also Lifesite News.

The Ecclesiastical Hierarchy in this country is in real danger of losing its credibility together with the respect of a good number of priests who are trying to fight the battle for Charity and Truth in our Catholic Schools at parish level.

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  1. CES is like Cafod manned by those who disregard the moral teaching of the Church. It is perhaps gradually dawning on the ignorant that there is grave moral corruption in the Church of England and Wales especially in the agencies of the CBEW.


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