Thursday, April 29, 2010

I would vote for this man...

Even though he has been dropped by the Conservative Party days before the election for upholding traditional Christian principles on homosexuality and the rights of parents not to teach that homosexual relations are normal and acceptable, Philip Lardner's name remains on the ballot paper.

See Lifesite news for more.

See also Kate (Toleration and understanding of a Christian point of view?) and Catholic Commentary (No place for Catholics in the Conservative Party?)

What a tolerant society we live in!


  1. We are in the last days Father, I feel, as a mother. And yet, my heart breaks continuously, for any soul, in danger, of eternal separation. Not to suggest my own soul is safe, by the way. I get terrible torments regarding my own soul's state, but I am beginning to see, that my attention towards this, is self seeking. The fact is, every moment we get, that doesn't demand our duty, should be praying for souls. Fatima is true.Eternity, literally, is forever. No need to be frantic, but when you have a spare five minutes, use it praying the rosary. Powerful prayer.


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