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Lest we forget

A very moving Sunday Worship from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan thanks to BBC Radio 4.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Climate change: science or a con?

Am I alone in the Catholic blogosphere of getting really tired with the doom and gloom of the climate change lobby? This morning's edition of Radio 4's Farming Today - which I often have on in the morning whilst doing my ablutions - I'm not a farmer but I like hearing about countryside matters - lauds farmers who try to reduce the methane output of cattle by breeding animals that produce meat more 'efficiently' (and fart less) and so fewer animals are needed.

I'm all for reducing consumption of energy, but I'm just a bit suspicious when what is perfectly natural is considered a threat to the planet. The more human way is surely to seek to live a virtuous life by which we are moderate in our use of the goods of the earth. The climate change lobby instils fear. Christianity instils love and sobriety.

Parents with large (these days 3 is large!) broods of young children are accused of being selfish and destroying the planet.

Now, what about a conspiracy theory for good measure? What do readers think of this interview with Lord Monckton on the proposed Copenhagen Treaty and the prospect of a world government?

An appeal to the Holy Father for a return to truly Sacred Art

Sandro Magister carries news of an appeal promoted by the author Martin Mosebach (author of The Heresy of Formlessness - a superb book, you can order it from the Amazon link in the sidebar to the right). I've signed up (and it's where I got the idea of adding the MixPod giving you some nice Luis de Victoria music.

UPDATE: I have heard from the organisers of this petition who clarify that Mosebach is not the author of this petition but that it is the work of a team and is intended to be open to all Catholic faithful without distinction of position, thoughts, profession etc.

I do, however, recommend Mosebach's book.


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