Saturday, November 7, 2009

Climate change: science or a con?

Am I alone in the Catholic blogosphere of getting really tired with the doom and gloom of the climate change lobby? This morning's edition of Radio 4's Farming Today - which I often have on in the morning whilst doing my ablutions - I'm not a farmer but I like hearing about countryside matters - lauds farmers who try to reduce the methane output of cattle by breeding animals that produce meat more 'efficiently' (and fart less) and so fewer animals are needed.

I'm all for reducing consumption of energy, but I'm just a bit suspicious when what is perfectly natural is considered a threat to the planet. The more human way is surely to seek to live a virtuous life by which we are moderate in our use of the goods of the earth. The climate change lobby instils fear. Christianity instils love and sobriety.

Parents with large (these days 3 is large!) broods of young children are accused of being selfish and destroying the planet.

Now, what about a conspiracy theory for good measure? What do readers think of this interview with Lord Monckton on the proposed Copenhagen Treaty and the prospect of a world government?


  1. Monckton for President. Since in the last year we've proven ANYONE can get elected without having to show a birth certificate, Monckton would be the perfect candidate to free the Republic of the United States from the tyrranic narcissism of the Obaminator and his anti-Christian forces he has arrayed against the people of this nation.

    Seriously, the environmental movement has been co-opted by the failed global control freaks - communists and leftists. This whole warming business is a crock. A stinking, festering crock, floated by people who have more concern for ruling a cowed planet by fiat. Science education is poor in this country, and I dare say there are a lot of gullible people sucked into the maw from a variety of countries.

    The earth has been heating and cooling for millions of years. It's SOLAR activity. Duh. No SUV drivin' dinosaurs were "destroying the planet."

    The ulitimate goal of the "watermelons" [whose politics are green on the outside and red on the inside] is to destroy the world economy and get "sucker money" from people idiot enough to buy into the "carbon credit" scheme - and I mean sceme in the American sense -- a program that "sounds good" but has a conniving end in mind. Who has set up companies as a clearing house for trading carbon credits? Why Al Gore, and like minded crooks, who parrot "global responsiblity" out of one side of their mouth, and pocket YOUR cash. They're trying to require everone to buy snake oil.

    And let's not forget the other side of this. They HATE people. They want fewer of them. They'd LOVE to tax everyone for daring to have more than two children. One only has to look to China to see where this is going. The eugenics movement is alive and well in Planned Parenthood [ironic, isn't it that a parenthood, is *precisely* what they are preparing their clients NOT to realize the benefits of!], and Marie Stopes type "clinics." In the US PP is the largest abortion provider and it wouldn't surprise me if MS is the same in the UK.

    The goal is "one world government" with THEM in charge calling all the shots and doling out who gets what -- and you can bet it will be people on board with them. One thing the world does not need is the nomenclatura from failed socialist goverments in charge of things.

    Good Stewardship is one thing -- this new attempt to play on the ignorance of materialistic societies should not be borne.

    Leftists can't win at the ballot box -- they threaten in other ways. Mistrust all "one world" type entities that try and enforce things when they are not accountable to the people in your country. Don't buy into letting your country's laws be subjected to some distant world court -- do that and someone in Strasburg will be demanding Italy take down its crosses. Oh. Wait. That's happened. They'll jail you for having too many children next.

    Don't underestimate these people and get complacent. They are on the march.

    Don't get me started! :-D

  2. What do readers think of this interview with Lord Monckton on the proposed Copenhagen Treaty and the prospect of a world government?

    I think that readers should read the draft document first and form an opinion before reading what others say is in it.

  3. God Bless Lord Monckton! He makes sense to me....thank God he is revealing what is really going on with the rulers of countries.

    A child's life is snuffed out every second and these people are not outraged about that... yet they rant and rave about climate change! I don't get it.

    Thanks for the beautiful music.. makes me hang out longer on your blog!!! which is not hard to do of course, Father!

  4. I'm a big fan of Bishop Hill
    (neither a bishop nor a hill) on this front.

    (another one)

  5. You're not alone Father, in getting fed up with the doom and gloom regarding climate change and global warming.

    I'd never have thought that a public would be urging its Government to tax them more in the name of climate change. And the Government obliges by taxing certain vehicles and encouraging the public to re-cycle more and insulate more and so on and so forth. Has anyone worked out the cost of re-cycling to see whether it saves more energy than if we didn't do it? I doubt it.

    They'll be taxing farting next to save the planet!

    Personally, I think global warming is due to scented candles. Can you imagine how many scented candles are burning right now in bathrooms throughout the world? And in many homes to make them smell more up-market and "with it".

    Candles candles everywhere. In churches we burn candles, in homes we burn candles, in restaurants to make them more romantic. Do you know how many candles are lit on my birthday cake?

    Ban candles and you've solved global warming and climate change all at once.

  6. I am old enough to remember the dire warnings of an impending new ‘Ice Age’ back about 30 years ago. Of course we didn’t have the Internet then, so it failed to get much traction with the general public. Today a wealth of information (and disinformation…) is available at a keystroke and everyone becomes an ‘expert’ (cfr. Al Gore…).

    For years people who are really well-versed in climate conditions and who spoke against the ‘global warming’ hysteria were shouted down by the proponents of the hysteria. Recently, the skeptics are getting more press and the whole global warming chimera is being exposed. Given the unseasonably cold weather in parts of the world of late (one anti-global warming demonstration here in the US had to be cancelled due to snow…!), the advocates have switched the terminology from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’. This is equivalent to substituting ‘choice’ for abortion – using an innocuous term to obscure the underlying reality.

    Of course the climate is changing. It has always changed - from the beginning of time when there were no cars, SUVs or coal-fired generators. Yes, we should not waste resources and we should care for all of God’s creation – but remembering that it is His creation, not ours and ultimately, He disposes of it as He wills..


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