Friday, April 23, 2010

Irish Bishop resigns - humble statement

KILDARE, Ireland, APRIL 22, 2010 ( Benedict XVI today accepted the resignation of another Irish bishop who asked to step down in the wake of the widespread sexual abuse scandal in this country.

Bishop James Moriarty of Kildare and Leighlin offered his resignation in December, after the Murphy Report was published.

In a statement today, the 73-year-old prelate said: "I did not anticipate resigning when I first read the Murphy Report, because I was not directly criticized. However, the Murphy Report covers far more than what individual bishops did or did not do. Renewal must begin with accepting responsibility for the past.

"I served as an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of Dublin from 1991 until my appointment to this diocese in 2002. I was part of the governance of the archdiocese prior to when correct child protection policies and procedures were implemented. Again I accept that from the time I became an auxiliary bishop, I should have challenged the prevailing culture. Once more I apologize to all survivors and their families."

"I should have challenged the prevailing culture." Thank you Bishop Moriarty for your humble admission. We can all own up to similar failings. May we all have the courage to "challenge the prevailing culture" when necessary, whatever line of life we are in. But in the Church, we could be doing the Church and souls an immense service, particularly when it comes to matters of justice and the faithful adherence to the (Moral/Canon/Liturgical) Law of the Church.

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  1. I agree it took courage to admit that he should have bucked the esetablished system. The sad part is it doesn't even take a majority of people to change the culture to "looking the other way" -- all it takes is a determined minority to set things on the wrong course. A few bad apples CAN lead to spoilage of a whole bunch -- or at least make those inclined to fight, that much more weary for not having backup. People *should* at very least, if they don't have the gumption to initiate a challenge to "do right" to at least line up behind them to support. Not everyone's a leader -- but we should at least support those who pick up the banner of right.


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