Monday, April 12, 2010

Kentish Express reports Polish Grief

I was telephoned today for some remarks concerning the tragic air disaster that occurred on Saturday morning. The KE put a report up pretty quickly here.

There truly was a very sombre attitude amongst the Polish people who were at Mass yesterday. Some came to the evening Mass as they were watching Polish TV all day to witness the repatriation of their President's body. I spoke with Fr Piotr Kaczmarek in Warsaw today. The Feast of the Divine Mercy is always associated with commemorations for the death of Pope John Paul II who died on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday. The Polish bishops cancelled all such commemorations to focus on those who died in the air crash which, of course, occurred on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday.

As the KE report, there will be a Polish Mass at St Francis' Church, Maidstone, next Sunday at 4pm. I will try to get along.

You can read more at the website for Polish people in Kent: Polish / English (Google translation).

Here's how the KE reported the Blessing of Food on Holy Saturday (the photo can be found at the KE website):

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