Sunday, April 25, 2010

SPUC Pro-Life Chain

Yesterday I took part in the pro-life chain in Ashford. Due to parish commitments I was only able to get along for the last half hour. These dedicated souls had spent two hours by the side of Hythe Road raising awareness by silent vigil.


  1. God bless them.
    I read yesterday that there is a Bill in N or S Dakota to stop abortionists crushing the heads and decapitating babies in the womb.
    I can bet this happens in the UK too and few people care- let alone care enough to get a Bill written.

    Our culture has had it.

  2. Dear Father

    It is great to hear that you were on the pro-life chain in person.

    It is so encouraging for Catholic lay people when priests stand with them in such a public manner.

    May God bless you for it!
    Alan and Angeline

  3. TAke heart, people in the UK - for far too long in America there has and continues to be millions of abortions. However, it's often groups of people praying like those you've pictured, silently praying the rosary, teamed up with sidewalk counselors who are changing hearts & minds in the US. There is a very active group in San Diego who weekly meet in front of one or more abortion clinics. The bulk of the people pray -- but there are counselors who respectfully ask to talk to women (and their partners) they think may be in for an abortion - often abortionists tell the women to dress in sweat pants who are coming in for an operation. Our counselors also come equiped with small blue and pink rosaries they offer to people considering an abortion -- especially if they think the person may be Catholic.

    Sadly, someone very active in my parish confirms my suspicion that many are seeking abortions due to the bad economy, who normally would NOT consider it. The counselors are also equiped with handout information about the doctors in the clinic - i.e. what lawsuits were or are pending against them. Many of these abortion clinic doctors do have some horrendous suits re: abortions "gone wrong" - and often the people seeking abortions are horrified. Those seeking abortions ALSO are given a contact number of a reputable prolife doctor belonging to a prolife group who can help pay for prenatal care (most insurances are accepted PLUS they have financial people who can't afford to pay anything) and they have lists to help with those in dire straights who may need housing, etc. In other words, there is a support network to help people who can't see any other way.

    They also have a large banner of a picture of Our Blessed Mary, which often convince those thinking of abortion to think otherwise.

    By no means does every one "see the light" -- but they have MANY success stories. One heart changed at a time! I expect many in the UK are having similar temptations of aborting their children, due to the economy. But it seems that many are hovering on the fence and can often be convinced to stop and take another look.

    I even got one email relating how one counselor was able to eventually sway a couple (who already had several beautiful young children) to please reconsider - as it was close to Easter - the counselor said, in a matter of fact way, that if they went through with the abortion, they would ALWAYS remember it every Eastertime.

    Sadly, many do go through with an abortion -- BUT, matter of factly even these people are given a number and counseling line to call to a prolife group which counsels people AFTER an abortion, because, the counselors do inform them of the great number of women who "thought they'd be okay with it, and then later major trauma. It's all carried out in a "low key" way, non-threatening -- and they always ask if the person is willing to talk.

    Oftentimes, the woman IS dead set on having the abortion and won't talk, BUT the husband/partner might stay outside -- and the counselors work on THEM (they try to talk to them together, if possible) If "she" goes in and he stays outside, maybe at a nearby fast food place - they might emphasize the abortionists record of lawsuits, etc again him. And try and ask WHY they are seeking abortion. They ask the men "do you love her not to chance her being hurt? - If so, go GET HER NOW" They also ask how far along the woman is, and then try to show them pictures of fetal development from sonogram what a baby that size looks like -- often they are astonished how quite early limbs, etc, begin to form -- the BEST protection AGAINST abortion is for a mother to see her own baby on a sonogram. Believe you me, they do NOT do that in US abortion clinics!

    God bless all you wonderful people out there fighting the good fight for Our Lord and his infants!


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