Monday, April 26, 2010

National Pro-Life T-shirt Week

The National Pro-Life T-shirt week commences tomorrow. Lifesite news reports:

"Thousands of young people across the country will take to the streets and the schools a civil rights message for the 21st century: All human beings deserve human rights," announced ALL (American Life League ) in a press release Monday. ALL has stated that more contestants have registered for this year's contest than in last year's, in which 3,000 photos were submitted.

Visit the Facebook page here.

Oh, the country referred to above is not Great Britain...


  1. Well, heck, pick out a date a month from now, spread the word, and start a movement! One heart at a time.

  2. Of course it isn't "Great" Britain.
    But Karen's right-it could be.
    I have wanted to design t-shirts with the photos of unborn babies on them at each stage.
    Thought it would be a good maternity line too :)


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