Monday, June 4, 2012

Communion at St John's Espicopalian Church Detroit

I was searching for a video of the Rendez a Dieu hymn music since it is the tune to the hymn set for Vespers of Corpus Christi at and I came across this one. See how in this video communicants all receive kneeling, and they have an interesting solution to the distribution of Communion under both kinds - a number of ministers of the chalice who come to the communion rail after the priest has distributed under the form of bread, and things run smoothly and reverently. Of course the eucharist is celebrated in an eastward facing direction.

You can watch the Canon here.  All familiar with the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite will notice unmistakeable similarities: the repeated signings of the Cross over the offerings, and the signs of the Cross made with the consecrated bread at the "Through him, with him..." If this is an example of Anglican Patrimony that may now be considered part of the treasury of the Catholic Church as a result of Pope Benedict's creation of Personal Ordinariates for former anglicans, how enriched the Church will be.

Our Catholic parishes could take note...

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  1. Check out also the YouTube recording of the Gloria in Old Sottish Chant, from the same church. Patrimony, indeed!


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