Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wintershall Nativity Play

A bit late, but on the Monday before Christmas a group of parishioners travelled to the Wintershall Estate for their famous Nativity Play. Here are some photos, generally without captions as you should be able to make out the scenes.

Some of the scene might seem out of order but dramatic licence was used to flashback etc and include many aspects of the Nativity story in a very effective manner. There were also some lovely musical items (e.g. Ave Maria).

It's a very moving production and an excellent way to prepare for Christmas. So check it out next year.

The shepherds explain to the children in the audience the scene they have witnessed.

The Annunciation

The Magi arrive.

St Michael appears and warns the Magi to return by a different way. Here the prayer to St Michael was said.

St Michael addresses Herod, who was suitably consigned to the fires of hell through the back of the stage.

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