Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Sanctuary

Parishioner Maureen Auchterlonie took this photograph on New Years Day before the Extraordinary Form Mass at 10am. She was showing it to us on her camera after Bible Study this evening. Notice the new altar super-frontal with the Lamb of God - it really looks splendid, the work of another parishioner Catarina Beresford.

There was a very nice atmosphere at that Mass - a number of Sri Lankan families were present and all were very happy and joyful. Fewer people attended the mid-day Ordinary Form Mass than the 10am Extraordinary Form.

Attendance at New Year's Day was quite poor. In the USA it's a Holyday of Obligation.


  1. Pretty picture. I love the cross you have just over the altar, and the frontal is beautiful.

    In the US, it usually is a HD of Obligation, unless you are living in a diocese where the Cardinal or bishop is "out to lunch." MOST of the powers that be aren't "out to lunch." Here, it's a tragedy, that they'd dispense the obligation, particularly as most people have the day off!

    I went to spite Cardinal Mahony, myself. :-D
    EF form, as it was. Tonight there is a high Mass for the Ephany, too, and last night we had a really nice Blessing of Holy Water for the EF form. we had a priest, deacon(priest), and a subdeacon to boot. (and the subdeacon is a newly ordained deacon.

    With any luck, I'll be able to post the vids of the Holy Water blessing soon. It was really nice, and something I hadn't been to before.

    Glad your attendence was pretty good, all things considered!

    We have Jan 1 as a Holy Day, but not Ss. Peter and Paul. [And here too, Dec. 8 for the Immaculate Conception, is also a Holy Day - she being the patroness of the USA.]

  2. Dear Fr. Excellent Post on your New Year's Day Mass. Thank you. The Sanctuary looks beautiful and your Parishioners must really be proud of their Church. I congratulate Catarina on that magnificent Super-Frontal (Antipendium). I can foresee a Commission coming up, methinks !!!

  3. Apologies, Fr. My mistake. For "ANTIPENDIUM", please read "ANTEPENDIUM". in Domino.

  4. Hello, Father. Sorry to post this non-sequitur on your blog, but I don’t think any of your readers will find this objectionable. My name is Andrew McNabb. I am an American writer and the great grand nephew of the great Dominican priest, Fr. Vincent McNabb (d. 1942: prolific writer, lead speaker for the Catholic Evidence Guild at Hyde Park, Distributist and close friend of Chesterton and Belloc.) I am the author of a short story collection, The Body of This, that many are considering "Catholic" literature. Joseph Pearce, in his cover blurb, describes the book as “as radically transforming as viniculture, transforming the water of everyday experience into the wine of life.” In Standpoint Magazine (July/August,) Piers Paul Read referred to the book as “exquisite.” For more info about me and The Body of This, please visit

  5. No problem Andrew. I'll put it as a separate post too.


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