Saturday, January 9, 2010

Clerical cooking

Following on the culinary posts by Father Z and Owl of the Remove, here's my supper for this evening: a nice tuna and pasta with onions, red pepper and chopped tomatoes. Yes, that's a laptop computer you can see in front of you. As we are all snowed in I relaxed watching La Vie en Rose which was available on the BBC iplayer. A very moving film about the enigmatic Edith Piaf. What a complex character (if it's a true biographical movie): devotion to St Therese of Lisieux, conducting an affair with a boxer, addicted to drugs, consults a psychic, etc. She was certainly an inspiring singer. May she rest in peace.

Here's how the Church is looking these wintry days:

Parishioner Maria Lanzino was one of the small number of parishioners who made it to Mass yesterday (Friday).

I'm looking forward to seeing a good number of intrepid parishioners getting here tomorrow by foot, sledge, ski...


  1. Cool post!

    I expect most priests learn to be good cooks or if not, at least can work their microwave oven!

    Wish I'd had what you just ate. [I'm currently noshing on an egg salad sandwich - bread somewhat dry. At least it wasn't my own creation.]

    The Piaf movie is one I'd forgotten about. I always meant to read/learn more about her. I'd heard of her devotion to St. Therese. Quite some years back I did make a point of finding her grave (haunting and simple) in Pere Lachaisse. [You can find a lot of interesting gravesites there -- well worth the trip.]

    I'd post about our weather, but it's nothing particularly out of the ordinary for this time of year right now. As of just before 3p.m. our current temp is 69.1F (having gotten up to 74) and our low today was 52F. [Don't be too jealous though. Our seasons are different from what you in your parish experience. We have "drought(Mid March-early Sept), Fire (early Sept-early Nov if we get fire, so we all pray for extended "drought"), a little bit of rain in Nov -- call in sick first day to avoid 600 minor accidents due to people not being able to find their windshield wipers, and driving driving on a road that is suddenly moist after 9 months of next to no rain), then late Nov-perhaps early Feb. when with two of those weeks we will get 6 of the nine inches of annual rainfall) IMMEDIATELY followed by mudslide, then earthquake, and back again to drought....repeat.

    Earthquakes are nothing, if you don't see cracks in your plaster, roll over and go back to bed - and stop being a wussy. Fire is a BIG DEAL.

  2. That happens to be exactly what I'm cooking right now! Synchronicity!


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