Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Lifesitenews not impressed!

Mother Teresa: "The Greatest Destroyer of Peace is Abortion."

President Obama:See his pro-abortion record at

Meanwhile the Vatican's inept Lombardi congratulates him.

Denver's Bishop Chaput would have something to say.


  1. When is the pope going to start cleaning house of Lombardi and similar ilk? These congratulatory plaudits for hacks like Obama show how seriously the lack of basic intelligence in certain quarters of the Vatican does harm to the Holy See. Has there been ANY move in that direction at all?

    Combine that with that silly Ghannan Bishop singing Obama's praises and it's not hard to see why some other people have utter contempt for some of the powers that be in the Holy See. The pope needs to clean house, NOW, and start overseeing what his people are doing, because they're not doing the faith any favors.

    The right thing would have been to say NOTHING, if they weren't going to take a slap at him.

  2. They will be begging Tony Blair to accept the Nobel, next!


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