Friday, October 30, 2009

Anglicanism has become a joke

It is not me who says this but a bishop of the Church of England: the Rt Rev John Broadhurst, the Bishop of Fulham.

Having been away I'm catching up on further developments since the announcement of a Personal Ordinariate for Anglicans wishing to come into full communion with the Catholic Church.

You can find a fuller report at the Daily Telegraph where it is revealed that the Bishop of Chichester, Rt Rev. John Hind might be preparing to join Rome:
"This is a remarkable new step from the Vatican," he said. "At long last there are some choices for Catholics in the Church of England. I'd be happy to be reordained into the Catholic Church."

While the bishop stressed that this would depend on his previous ministry being recognised, he said that the divisions in the Anglican Communion could make it impossible to stay.

"How can the Church exist if bishops are not in full communion with each other," he said.

H/t to Kate.

Important note: recognition of ministry is not the same as recognition of Orders. I gather that, when a convert Anglican clergyman is ordained a Catholic priest, prayers are included giving thanks for the ministry previously exercised.

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  1. It's not THAT bad -- now the Unitarian / Universalist people, where belief in a deity is optional, now THAT'S a joke.


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