Sunday, October 25, 2009

Former Anglicans and Celibacy - good response on the Sunday programme

Unsurprisingly the Pope's latest provision for Catholic-minded Anglicans was featured on this morning's Sunday Programme. One of Roger Bolton's interviewees was Mgr Andrew Faley, assistant general secretary of the Bishop's Conference of England and Wales. Bolton tried to catch Mgr Faley out on the celibacy issue, but failed completely. Here's what was said (more or less):

Bolton: "You don’t have a choice as priest within the Roman Catholic Church"
Faley: "I did have choice. I made that choice when I was ordained."
Bolton: "Yes, when you were ordained. After you are ordained you no longer have a choice. Those who are coming over from the Church of England will continue to have a choice."
Faley: "They won’t still continue to have a choice because committed as they are within their vows of marriage to live that particular vocation to its fullness they have already made their choice and within that context the Church is recognising the richness of their ministry and that’s part of the invitation that the Holy Father has offered..."

I thought that was an excellent response.

You can listen here for a week. The above snippet occurs about 31 minutes into the programme.

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