Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zenit, Blair and Comments

An article in yesterday's issue of Zenit news is headlined "Blair saw Catholic Ban as Ridiculous" and attibutes the appointing of a Catholic as UK Ambassador to the Holy See after a centuries old ban on Catholics holiding the post to Blair.

Well, I have sent the following comment to Zenit:
All well and good, but Blair, although having been received into the Catholic Church, is, together with his wife, a leading dissenter from the teachings of the Catholic Church on matters such as contraception, abortion, homosexuality, women's ordination... Thanks to him our Catholic adoption agencies were put in the position of having to choose to remain faithful to the Church's teaching or severing their links with the Church. Disgracefully many chose to do the latter. Outside the UK people seem to think it's great that Blair 'became' a Catholic. In fact, it was a scandal.

I have found that Catholics on the continent or elsewhere, even in Rome, have little understanding of the situation of the Church in England. The good rector of the Warsaw seminary I met last week was surprised at the views I expressed on Blair's 'conversion'. Everyone in Poland thinks it's fantastic that a former PM has become a Catholic. Well, of course, it would be fantastic!

Zenit does publish comments. All you have to do is go the article concerned and scroll down to the "Comment on this article" link. Here's one of mine that got published last week.


  1. "In fact, it was a scandal."
    Yes, that's just what it was-and continues to be, until or unless Blair repudiates his anti-Catholic/anti-life views and embraces all the teaching of the Catholic Church.Blair had a record of voting for the pro abortion position long before he even became the prime minister let alone converted, therefore I would have thought that this area of faith and morals would have attracted the particular attention of those involved in providing Blair's instruction.

  2. Thank you for exposing this truth. As the bumper sticker says, Tony should be reminded: "you cannot be pro-choice and a Catholic"


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