Saturday, February 20, 2010

Internet censorship

In searching for an image for my previous post on our prayer vigil outside the Maidstone Marie Stopes clinic, I found this image:

It was posted on the website of the Biblical Christian Network, which you will instantly see is very pro-life. The above photo is the one that violated the terms of use of photobucket which must be the organisation that stores their photos. What is it about the truth that people find offensive?


  1. Father:
    I don't think it's that people find it offensive. I think it's actually that they find the image deeply disturbing. I too wouldn't allow it for that reason, but would allow the one you have to the right (the baby sucking its thumb in utero).

  2. Dear Fr John,

    Many years ago we obtained some horrific photos of butchered babies (oh sorry - aborted foetuses) from Human Life International when that organisation was setting up in the UK. My eldest daughter who at the time was fifteen years old was to give a talk on any subject at school to her class mates (mixed Catholic comprehensive). She chose the subject of abortion and bravely gave her talk accompanied by a handing out of the photos to be passed around the classroom. The boys and girls in her class were stunned into silence and tears, BUT every one of them thanked her for her talk. Most of them said that they had never imagined that abortion was so horrific! Never thought that the petri dishes and buckets actually contained heads, arms, bodies, legs etc...

    Until such time as the Truth be known and abortion shown for the butchery it is things will drift along and the status quo remain.

    I know what you are saying Mark M, but there is no time for sentimentality and preventing people from having their feelings hurt! What about the babies being torn to shreds in their mother's wombs - who have no voice but ours!!!!

    High time the gloves were off and instead of the image on the right stating that 120,000 babies will be killed through abortion today - it can read 'abortion is now a crime - 120,000 babies were saved today'! Now if the cost of this is a few people who have been disturbed or offended so be it - there are plenty of good Counsellors out there.

    My daughter is now a primary school teacher, just recently married and hopefully (please God) soon to embark on a new 'career' - that of Motherhood - the most important job in the world!

  3. It is always those whom never experience the necessity of abortion who shout the loudest.

    Abortion is there for a reason, like any other social service in this world, some use it when they really need it, others abuse it. To remove the choice of abortion is to remove democracy and our social system as we know it. Those who deny abortion to those in need, essentially hold the same closed minded values as the 'Nazi' responsible for founding the Marie Stopes Clinics.

    Choice is what makes us civilized humans.

    I have a choice to direct my life as I see fit and necessary for ME. I will not be dictated to by strangers whom have never touched my life and never will. Shame on those who assume they can choose my path in life.

  4. How does presenting the facts about abortion limit your freedom? How does your choice in life respect the future choices that the as yet unborn baby might have been able to make it his/her future?


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