Monday, February 8, 2010

Pope's remarks on equality 'misunderstood' - Lombardi

According to Zenit, Pope Benedict's remarks to the Bishops of England and Wales concerning proposed equality legislation in Great Britain have been misunderstood. I think the secularist humanists have understood Pope Benedict perfectly as contradicting their pro-homosexual rights, pro-abortion and pro-anything-that-goes-against-religious-practice-and-freedom positions. And they are unwilling to enter into the 'respectful dialogue' that the Holy Father proposed in his ad limina address to the Bishops.

The Zenit article says:

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican press service, noted in the most recent installment of the Vatican Television program "Octava Dies" that "assuring equal opportunity to all members of society is a noble objective."

"Nevertheless," he added, "in certain cases one tries to achieve it with laws that impose unjust limits on the freedom of religious communities to act according to their own convictions."

"If then these laws contradict the natural law, one undermines the foundation that guarantees equality and therefore the right to enjoy equal opportunity," the priest explained.

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