Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Children Schools and Families Bill - It's all about Catholic Schools

Ed Balls claims that the Catholic Church welcomes a Bill that makes Sex and Relationships Education compulsory in schools, making it compulsory for our schools to ensure that children know how to access contraception and abortion services. If anyone is in any doubt about the crisis we are facing then listen to his interview with John Sympson on this morning's Today programme. It is still on air as I write so not available yet to listen again. But you'll find it here and the interview takes place at about 8.10am. The interview begins with a Jewish Rabbi who is most unhelpful.

UPDATE: See Damian Thompson's take on the situation.

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  1. CHRISTIAN INSTITUTE STATEMENT -Choice threatened by
    Whitehall sex ed grab

    I have just come across the above. I have not read all the materials but at a quick glance it strikes me that this non-Catholic Christian group may have given greater clarity and Christian witness on these matters than the Catholic Hierarchy and CES. I think they may have also shown a greater political astuteness...as suggested by the headline they give to their article.


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