Monday, February 22, 2010

Children Schools and Families Bill

This is being voted on tomorrow. Prayers are needed. The CES has failed to get anything out of the government. But the Conservative opposition has tabled an amendment to exclude Sex and Relationships Education from Primary Schools altogether. The real champion of our Catholic Schools in this regard is John Smeaton of SPUC and his team who seem to be following everything so closely and alerting us of dangers etc.

See his post New Amendment to Sex Education Bill - Act Now.
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  1. Can your bishops ban or get rid of CES or is CES independent of the bishops? Becuase if they can disband this group and cast them into the sea they MUST. It's no longer an option to pretend they are anything near a Catholic body. And the bishops and the good Catholics need to stand together as one. Else "game over."

    What they are proposing is no less than killing Catholic ideology from being passed on intact to Catholic Children.

    As a group you all need to say : We will close our schools down or go to jail rather than have this monstrosity foisted upon us.

    It's desiged to destroy Chrstianity and Catholicism in particular. It's satanic.


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