Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Catholic Schools - can they remain Catholic?

The Government got its Children, Families and Education Bill passed yesterday which will, if passed (corrected following a comment from Simon Platt), make it compulsory for Sex and Relationships Education to be taught in all schools, including Catholic Schools. The fact that the CES claims credit for an amendment allowing SRE to be taught within the context of Church teaching is worthless since it is still a legal requirement that all children be taught about contraception and abortion and how to access these services. Our schools will therefore be legally required to co-operate in the evils of contraception and abortion.

We must pray for our Bishops to simply say 'No.' No one is obliged to obey an unjust law. In fact Divine law demands that we resist unjust laws and, if forced, to disobey unjust laws. We must also pray for those who teach in our Catholic Schools that their consciences will be guided by the Holy Spirit, even if those in authority in the Church fail to give such guidance.

I have really very little to add to my previous posts or to what is said by the the following amongst others:
Fr Ray Blake
Fr Tim Finigan


  1. Not yet "will" father; still "would", surely? Surely it has to be passed by the Lords before becoming law? So we can also pray for a defeat in the lords, for an early election, and for a better bunch in the commons.

  2. Yes, Simon, you are right. But if the CES 'welcomes' the Government's legislation, there will be no real bastion of opposition to the bill. (I'll correct the post.)

  3. Comment from Fr Piotr from Warsaw sent to me via email:

    "People try to remove religion to the private level of our life. But whole things we talk about aren't private, but personal (and this is a big difference). As you said, Father teaching within the context of Church teaching, contraception and abortion and all these sick ideas aren't faith's aspect of life, but aspect of knowledge. If people will leave without respect for their nature it would be always against them. And it isn't, I repeat, a problem of faith, but knowledge, knowledge about human's nature. (sorry if you find some mistakes in English, it isn't my original language) Fr Peter"


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