Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catholic Adoption Agencies and the Equality Bill

A No. 10 petition has been set up as follows:

"Following the loss of some Catholic Adoption Agencies, and the severing of links between some agencies and the Church, it is clear that the Government has not achieved its aim of 'not dissipating or diluting the expertise that the Catholic Adoption Agencies have developed in dealing with hard-to-place children.'(25 Jan. 2007) Quite apart from the rights of children, the rights of those wishing to adopt in a Catholic ethos have been trampled on. The Government must use the opportunity presented by the Equality Bill to amend the Law to make space for Catholic Adoption services. Sexual Orientation laws on the provision of goods and services should not be used to prevent people of faith from accessing a service in the context of their faith tradition".

If you would like to sign the petition go here.

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