Tuesday, April 19, 2011

John Paul II - truly the Great

This superb video is on the USCCB website.

What a powerful defender of human life.

All human life is sacred. Whenever it is endangered we will stand up to defend it.

Will we?

On the TV6 website (see my previous post) there is a comment to the effect that there are too many Catholics in Marquette. Just think if all those Catholics stood up to defend endangered human life, what a transformed society we would be.


  1. I'd like to think being a defender of human life comes in the job description of being successor of St. Peter. It's sad when we beatify someone for merely doing their job

  2. It's your comment that I find sad. "Merely" doing his job? How grudging.

  3. Okay - so he was doing his job. You cannot deny however, that this beatification was only made possible by the scrapping of the prudent 5 year wait by the incumbent pope and the abolishing of the "devil's advocate" by JP II himself. Beatifications have now become a political cause, rather than a proper declaration of someone's sanctity. One only has to look at the whole debacle surrounding the cause of Pius XII to see that.


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