Monday, April 18, 2011

40 Days for Life on Marquette's TV6

Click on the image to watch.

The promise of the other group to be there - made repeatedly in this item - was not kept. I do not believe we saw them at all after this TV interview. We kept going there everyday except Sundays up to the day before Palm Sunday.

The filming and interview took place on March 25th, feast of the Annunciation. TV6's interview with the pro-Planned Parenthood people had been pre-arranged so they were able to get their crowd together. We just happened to turn up and found them on our spot, so we conducted our prayer vigil as usual alongside them but outside Marquette's pro-life Care Clinic, and TV6 took the opportunity to film us and interview me. The TV6 journalist had said she wanted to interview me and we had agreed that I would contact her the next week. I'm not sure if she would have arranged to interview us outside Planned Parenthood. I rather had the impression that it was to be just an interview with me. But that's just my impression.

The other cleric present at the vigil is Bishop Alexander Sample, the bishop of Marquette who had chosen March 25th specially to show his support. It was a very, very cold day!


  1. THANK YOU FATHER JOHN and ALL the people who witness so wonderfully.

    We are not near you but we do live a few miles from another surgical and chemical abortion clinic that kills hundreds of babies every week and never a mention of it in our Catholic church. What bubble do our clergy/parish commitee etc. live in? And yes we have tried to raise the issue... I am so thankful our Pope speaks out.

    We will so deeply regret how little we do. People walking into these places really do need our witness and help. They are given so little information inside abortion centres and it seems that most enquiries with their doctors etc lead them to abortion instead of directing them to life-affirming help.

    What "choices" do planned parent hood offer a mother apart from the deep loss to her that is the death of her baby?

    Billi (no URL)

  2. Great job and well done Fr John!

    The way the media says: "the Catholic Church feels that oral contraceptives cause abortions." As if it is just a FEELING! No, media - it has been scientifically proven and well-documented that it does. They can't stick to the facts because the facts spell the truth.

    Thank God for your voice of truth out there. You are what we need out there. Great effort by you and all your faithful prayer warriors.


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