Monday, October 25, 2010

What the heck is going on here?

To quote Father Tim Finigan. My question precisely.

The fact that John Snow is chairing the CAFOD Paul VI Memorial Lecture 2010 is of course an example of how CAFOD is totally in tune with the Obama call for "open minds, open hearts, fair words" when it comes to people who oppose our views. Why not debate with Jon Snow but not invite him in to chair a lecture in honour of Pope Paul VI?

James Preece lists some things that CAFOD should know about Jon Snow:

  • He is pro-abortion and in 2007 he agreed to speak at the Marie Stopes "Global Safe Abortion" conference. He pulled out, but only under massive pressure. PDF Poster here.
  • He supports condom use as an answer to Aids and in 2009 opposite Joanna Bogle on Channel 4 news he stated that "The Pope is condemming many millions of people do death" by opposing condom use .
  • He is in favour of womens ordination and wrote on his blog that "if women and men enjoyed equality of opportunity in the Catholic church, the abuse, the discovery, the cover-up, and the failure to prosecute would never have happened."
  • He has a strange attitude to marriage - he lived for many years with a woman with whom he fathered two children but never married her. Then, at the age of 62 he finally married a lady 35 years younger.
And he finishes up asking:
Hey Cafod - Why don't you invite a Catholic to chair the lecture?
You know, what with you being a Catholic agency...


  1. Do catholic churches in England regularly have an annual pass-the-plate for CAFOD? If so, can a parish priest tell his congregation: 'hell no, we AREN'T having it because the people in charge of it adhere to practises contrary to the faith.'

    Would a priest who did so get pressure from his bishop?

    I expect 'money talks' on both sides of the Atlantic.

  2. There are two fast days - Lent and Harvest - on which the faithful are asked to give money saved by fasting to CAFOD. The collection is usually taken on the Sundays following the fast days. Some parish priests have stopped taking the CAFOD collection and instead have informed the people that the money will be collected and sent to the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, or to Aid to the Church in Need, etc.


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