Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank Archbishop Nienstedt

The Archbishop of St Paul-Mineapolis recently refused to allow the Mass to become the occasion of protest when he denied Holy Communion to activists wearing rainbow sashes who publicly dissent from the Catholic Church's teaching on marriage.

Why not express your support for the Archbishop.

This from
Archbishop John Nienstedt refused to allow the Holy Mass turn into a political protest. A group of 25 activists who are opposed to the Catholic Church's teaching on marriage wore rainbow sashes at a Mass celebrated by the Archbishop.

Not only did these protesters attend Mass wearing these sashes, but they tried to receive Communion despite publicly denouncing Church teaching. The protest organizer told the media: "We were making a statement during the Eucharist."

The Archbishop of Saint Paul-Minneapolis would not allow the protestors to "make a statement" while receiving the Holy Eucharist. Archbishop Nienstedt refused to offer Communion to these activists who had already publicly announced their dis-unity.

These protesters told the media that their protest was spurred because Archbishop Nienstedt sent out DVDs which explained the Church's position on marriage to 400,000 Catholics in Minnesota. The Archbishop has been under attack for defending the Church's position on marriage since the DVDs were mailed out (at no expense to the Church) in late September.

Show your support and thank Archbishop John Nienstedt for refusing to allow the Holy Eucharist be used in a political protest.  Thank this courageous bishop for standing strong for marriage as a union of a man and a woman.


  1. Once upon a time "Rainbow" anything simply meant you were fond of Rainbow Sherbert or Hawaii...

  2. american catholic17 October, 2010 14:07

    Actually it's not true that anyone wore rainbow sashes, they had button-hole size badges thats all.


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