Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bishop Baraga Cause - important step on the road to Beatification

This evening at St Peter's Cathedral, Marquette, the documentation and testimony of a miracle claimed to have occurred as a result of the intercession of Bishop Frederic Baraga, first Bishop of Marquette, was presented to the postulator of the cause, Dr Andrea Ambrosi, who had travelled to Marquette from Rome for the occasion.

The Bishop of Marquette, the Most Reverend Alexander Sample prepares to seal the case containing the documentary evidence of the miracle.

The Bishop applies his ring to seal the case containing the documentary evidence for the miracle.

Bishop Sample explains that he is wearing Bishop Baraga's Pectoral Cross.

  Consignment of the documents to the Postulator.


After the sealing and presentation of the documentation to the Postulator. In the picture some of the people who have had official roles in the process. From left to right: Dr Ambrosi's personal assistant; Bishop Sample's secretary Judy Jason who had the role of copier (transcriptionist); the Postulator Dr Ambrosi; medical expert Dr John G. Kublin; moderator of the Curia for the Marquette diocese and co-ordinator of the work of the tribunal investigating the miracle Fr Ronald Browne; Bishop Sample; Promotor of Justice Fr Ben Paris; Notary Elizabeth Delene.

 Bishop Sample concludes the ceremony with a blessing and the singing of the Salve Regina.

Afterwards I joined Bishop Sample, Father Browne Dr Ambrosi and his personal assistant for a meal. Dr Ambrosi is postulator of a number of causes, including Archbishop Fulton Sheen and Cardinal John Henry Newman who is to be beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in England this coming September. Dr Ambrosi will of course be in Birmingham for the event. So here I am with the Postulator of Newman's cause of beatification.

You can find further information on the cause of Bishop Baraga here.


  1. What a totally cool post! I didn't know they had ceremonies like this. I always knew that bishops have seals, (all those seals on Henry VIII's petition to Rome, which can be seen in the Vatican Library) but I little imagined that they are formally used on much today. But here, obviously, is just such an instance. When else would a bishop use his official seal?

    And what was the miracle alleged to have happened?

  2. Dear Fr. John. Most interesting Post. Thank you. Good to see you looking so well. Marquette obviously is looking after you. in Domino.


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