Monday, June 7, 2010

Archbishop Patrick Kelly speaking at University of Kent in Canterury

I have just received news of this lecture taking place ... TOMORROW! I will try to attend in spite of the short notice. Please do so if you can.

Tuesday 8 June 6pm Lecture Theatre Woolf College UKC
(Woolf College is situated Giles Lane on left hand side opposite Gulbenkian Theatre)
Bishop Patrick Kelly: ‘Chalcedon:a Charter for Christian engagement with politics’
Host: Dr Stefan Rossbach
The Centre for the Study of Politics and Spirituality (CSPS) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Canterbury Lectures on Politics and Spirituality. The lecture series will provide political and religious leaders with an opportunity to reflect on the complex relationship between politics and spirituality.

No tickets are required. Apparently, 5.45pm is a good time to arrive (car park situated next to Woolf College), lecture at 6pm with Q&As at the end.


  1. ido bellieve he is ARCHBISHOP OF LIVERPOOL


  2. Of course he is - will amend the title.


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