Saturday, November 7, 2009

An appeal to the Holy Father for a return to truly Sacred Art

Sandro Magister carries news of an appeal promoted by the author Martin Mosebach (author of The Heresy of Formlessness - a superb book, you can order it from the Amazon link in the sidebar to the right). I've signed up (and it's where I got the idea of adding the MixPod giving you some nice Luis de Victoria music.

UPDATE: I have heard from the organisers of this petition who clarify that Mosebach is not the author of this petition but that it is the work of a team and is intended to be open to all Catholic faithful without distinction of position, thoughts, profession etc.

I do, however, recommend Mosebach's book.

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  1. Dear Fr Boyle. May I, respectfully, congratulate you on your choice of magnificent music to accompany your blog ? The appeal to the Holy Father for a return to truly Sacred Art is a most worthy cause. I subscribe to it and wish it well. Rest assured I shall now "tune in" to your blog more often, to see what marvellous music you have chosen !!! [If you do requests, how about Lamentations of Jeremiah by Thomas Tallis, sung by The Tallis Scholars ?] Such divine music, art, architecture, liturgy, etc, can only enhance ones prayer life, adoration and devotion to God. Long may it prosper and develop further.


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